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We’ve only gone and done did it!!!!

Wednesday, November 7th, 2012

Drum roll please……….

We are so excited to announce the new improved  Cloth-ears website!

I can not tell you the hard work that it has taken to get to this point! Twenty months ago mine and Paul’s lives were turned upside down (whilst doing a back-flip of joy!) when our wonderful daughter Kitty Dove arrived.

Kitty Dove, the newborn bundle of joy that rocked our world

Exhilarated with love & delirious with exhaustion, we have worked super hard to finally get this wonderful new website complete, whilst embarking on the ever amazing journey of parenthood. Paul has worked flat out and I have been working the late shift once Kitty is tucked up in bed. Luckily she is a super active toddler and needs two to three hour naps to recharge those batteries, so these have also been precious moments to work.

Kitty at 20 months

It’s been an amazing juggling act, but it means that both myself and Paul have been very privileged to spend lots of time with Kitty during her formative first two years.

Of course, we didn’t get here on our own. My Mum has been wonderfully supportive and we have great friends and family that we can always rely on.

You may remember our old website, it was functional but rather limited. I designed and coded it myself. I’m self-taught and my skills really aren’t the best in that arena! We had big plans for the new website and therefore we had to bring in the professionals for jobs beyond our capabilities; “So, Ladies & Gentlemen, please be upstanding and raise a glass to our wonderful web designer, developer & illustrator; Lauren, Chris & Leslie from Aeolidia!” It’s been a truly international affair working with this talented team from across the pond.  Late night email correspondence accompanied with strong coffee has become the norm, but my! It’s been worth it!

Compare & contrast – the improvements are endless!

So what’s so great about the new website? Well at first glance you’ll immediately notice the wonderful design, a new logo and “oh wow!” , the super cute illustrations! But there’s so much more!

Cloth-ears Gift Vouchers

It’s the same URL, but just packed full to the brim with new improvements.

“So you now offer next day delivery?”, I hear you shout! “of course!”

“But surely you don’t offer free delivery, too?”, “you bet ya, we do!”

“I’ve left it to the last minute to buy my cousin a birthday gift, can you help?”, I hear you cry. I feel your pain and we have the remedy! “we now offer Cloth-ears Gift Vouchers which can be electronically sent to cousin Claire within minutes!”

 “My boyfriend never knows what to buy me at Christmas!” , you wail. “Set up a cloth-ears wish list and you can automatically email him your dream shopping list . You can also view a friend’s wish list easily too by typing in a few details”

A fresh new approach to our logo

We’re now also on pinterest and tumblr, which means we’ll be even better connected with our cloth-ears chums who already chat with us on twitter and facebook.

And of course there’s a blog! I’ve been itching to get started on this for ages. Everytime I go somewhere exciting, create something new or take an interesting photograph,  I think “I wish I could share this experience!”

And now I can! So it’ll be here where I will be sharing with you craft and recipe ideas, showcasing new products, launching competitions & generally chat-chat-chatting!

So pour yourself a cuppa, kick off your shoes & put your feet up. Read, laugh & share your thoughts with the cloth-ears family!

Julie x

Some of the beautiful illustrations that Leslie designed especially for us