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this morning, I sat still for ten minutes…

Wednesday, June 11th, 2014

This morning was the usual chaotic craziness in our house. Our youngest had been awake since 4am and despite being exhausted she refused to go back to sleep until 7.30, when our three year old decided to wake! It amazes me how, despite often being awake since the very early hours, we still seem to rush in a panic to get to nursery, work, childrens groups or meetings. This morning was no different and after rushing to get my daughter to nursery on time, I then rushed homeward ready for a hectic mornings work.

As I was heading back I glimpsed the beautiful blue, still sea and decided to take my morning coffee break on the beach instead of hastily drinking  at my desk, whilst checking emails. I only stopped for ten minutes, but those moments of stillness made me feel invincible & extremely fortunate. My mood lightened & my day was far more productive than normal. Just taking a short moment to appreciate the beauty in the world and slowing the pace of life down seems like a perfect way to start the day everyday and I plan to find the time to do exactly this every morning from here on in.


My view during my coffee break this morning – Whitstable Beach


Whitstable Beach, appreciating the natural beauty of the world


May Day Malarky

Saturday, May 25th, 2013

What a glorious May Bank Holiday we experienced a few weeks ago. The weather was sensational and we hope that like most of us, you had time off to relax and enjoy the sun with friends, family and loved ones.

For nearly forty years, our hometown of Whitstable have been holding May Day Celebrations. The festival grew from the folk scene at Whitstable’s Duke Of Cumberland pub. The celebrations revive an old tradition where a ‘Jack in the Green’ was paraded through the town with Robin Hood and Maid Marion.

It’s a wonderful family affair with the celebrations culminating at Whitstable Castle with maypole dancing.


May Day dancing with Kettle Bridge Clogs, in Whitstable, Kent


May Day dancing with Oyster Morris, in Whitstable, Kent


Our little girl was fascinated by the “Dolly” who danced with Whitstable group Dead Horse Morris


May Day Celebrations in Whitstable Kent, with Dead Horse Morris

Lovely Whitstable themed features in Coast Magazine!

Friday, March 1st, 2013

The new edition of Coast Magazine popped through our letter box today, which is always a joy – an excuse to snuggle up with a cuppa for half an hour with tales of places we’ve yet to visit and beautiful homes we can only dream of living in! This month’s magazine is particularly pleasing as the lovely Charlotte Blake has featured one of our Seaside Buckets alongside a matching Seaside Spade in the “Coast Loves…” feature on page 54.


Our Seaside Bucket (£5.99) and Spade (£2.99) featured in Coast Magazine this month! (April 2013)

And for the complete Whitstable connection, in the same magazine was a great little feature on the “10 Best Independent Cafes by the Sea” and which super little cafe was sitting happily in the list? Yup, our ultimate favourite Windy Corner Stores! This little gem of a cafe is set inside a corner shop slightly off the beaten track in Whitstable. It’s only a short walk away from our home, so we go there alot! It serves the best brekkie ever, all the produce is locally sourced and it’s very warm and inviting. Well deserved Kate and chums!



The beloved Windy Corner Stores in Whitstable, as featured in Coast magazine’s “10 Best Independent Cafes by the Sea”



snow has fallen…

Saturday, January 19th, 2013

Well, finally we have had a little more than a sprinkling of snow here in Whitstable. It wasn’t a substantial downfall, but it was enough to throw snowballs, build a teeny, tiny snowman and marvel at the delights of the beach enveloped in a magical white dusting.

The morning was rounded of with a hearty breakfast at our favourite cafe, Windy Corner. Bliss.

the obligatory picture of the Neptune on Whitstable beach

snowy whitstable beach

Snow at Whitstable beach

A walk on snowy Whitstable beach

Our teeny, tiny snowman

Little KD walking in a fresh blanket of virgin snow